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The first impression is the most important and you only have 1 chance to make it count. Make your business stand out from the sea of wanna be’s and carbon copies by updating your social media sites and websites with beautiful content that clearly and professionally represents you and your brand.

I have years of experience writing in the beauty, interviewing, research, and blogging fields and have a Bachelors of Arts degree in journalism. My formal education has provided me with the editing, grammar, and proofreading skills that are critical to creating amazing content.

Take these scenarios into consideration:

If I am a customer and go to your restaurant’s website to check out the menu and notice that your site is riddled with misspellings, your instead of you’re, and other grammatical atrocities, I immediately discredit you and make the assumption that you treat your business as poorly as your website and would I really want to eat from a place like that?

If you run an online magazine or a blog for your business, the very last thing you want is to fill it up with the same old repetitive crap that every other website in your field has. When I go to a natural hair blog or site and am presented with how to detangle my curls and grow my hair to my butt crack articles, I am instantly turned off. I can Google that.

As a writer of original content and fresh ideas, I can offer your business and website a refreshing makeover that it needs to boost traffic and customer engagement.

Let’s chat about a plan for your business. Email me at

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