Ask A Black Chick

Ask a black chick

Why do black women wrap their hair?

Why are black women so loud?

Why do black women always say “I don’t need a man?”

Why, why, why?

Between the media, racists, and men, black women are voiceless. Everyone else speaks for us, tell us who we are, and how we act. They are wrong and I want to talk about it. I want to create an honest and harmless space for you to understand black women. From fun stuff like why we refuse to get our hair wet to more serious issues like the fetishism of our culture. Ask A Black Chick will be weekly series where YOU ask questions and we answer them. You can ask anonymously or, if you’re daring, put your name (I would, just saying).

Binge read the entire series right now here!

Start here: 

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