Saying Goodbye to My 20’s: 20 Ways I’m Changing It Up for My 30’s


The time that I’ve been low key dreading has finally come and gone. My beloved 20’s are over and I am now entering this new phase of life called being in my 30’s. When I was younger, being 30 something always sounded incredibly old to me. But, not like the kind of old where people commend you for still looking refreshed in the morning and marvel at your ability to stay up pass 9pm. No, this type of old has always looked like a place a kin to limbo. I am not young enough to dust off my mistakes, and I have plenty of them, and throw it in the well I’m 20 pile. But, on the other hand, I am not at the age where I’ve lived and worked long enough to have a comfortable padding of experience under my belt either. I am just here. My biological clock is ticking loud enough that I think my neighbors can hear it and I’m watching my dark brown strands fade into silver streaks much sooner than I’d like. This is 30. I’ve only been in it for 3 days but I’ve already started to think about the things I want to improve upon, remove, or change in this new phase of life.

  1. No more sleeping with make up on my face. I know, some of you are light years ahead of me on this one. But I am lazy in general so when it’s 11:00 at night and I have an option of passing out with my make up on or taking 10 minutes to wash it off and moisturize my skin, I usually pick the passing out.
  2. Buy real pajamas because it just sounds like a kind of luxury that I can afford but I’ve never done. I want to answer the door for the UPS guy wearing matching pajamas.
  3. Take my health seriously.
  4. Say no more often. This is my goal consistently but I have moments where I slack. In my 30’s, I want to be relentless with my no!
  5. Decide if I want more kids for sure or if I don’t for sure because I will not be having kids after 35.
  6. Go on vacations because I deserve it! That’s not a special luxury for only a certain group of people.
  7. Get my MBA. It’s a coming!
  8. Stop playing around with my money. No, I don’t need Uber Eats.
  9. Clean eating 5 days a week because I am kind of certain my metabolism has left my body completely.
  10. Limit my drinks to 2-3 drinks per outing as a general rule.
  11. Full body exfoliating regularly.
  12. Professional hair cuts.
  13. Committing to being happy.
  14. Do some serious work on my anxiety.
  15. Get in the gym.. I guess.
  16. Never under value my worth at a place of work again.
  17. Spend a little more for better quality clothes.
  18. Go to be an hour earlier because I am so sleepy.
  19. Truly put myself first.
  20. Simply enjoy my damn life!

Aging has always been a very touchy subject to me for a whole host of reasons but I am trying to embrace being 30 and going on to this next phase of my life. A part of accomplishing #20 is getting back into the Ask A Black Chick Podcast. The first episode will be relaunching on Friday, 3/29! Submit your music and your questions right here or by emailing me at

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