Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep 17: My Black Husband Despises Black Women. When Should I Speak Up?

This Week’s Music: Kalil Johnson Karma

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What’s Happening

Stephon Clark Shot Dead In His Own Backyard By Police 

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Being in your backyard as a black man can be added on the list of things we can’t do in America. Stephon Clark was shot dead in his own backyard. Read more on Stephon Clark’s story. I talked about an interesting article that outlined statistics of cop shootings in 2017 and you can read more about them here.

Jay Z and Diddy Are Coming Out With An App To Connect People To Black Businesses

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Diddy and Jay are coming out with a timely app and I can’t wait. My only issue is… well I said it on this episode.

This Week’s Question

First, I want to thank you for taking this task on and for your work. I’m a white lady looking for advice on when I need to STFU and sit my ass down. My husband is black, and he was raised in a predominantly white town. He’s a great guy but he holds a lot of internalized racism. Sometimes I catch him saying some BS like “that’s why I never date black women” or other utter nonsense. At those times I pull out all my intersectional feminist tools and try to unpack for him how that perspective is tied into white nonsense and how it’s harmful to black women and himself, or whatever the topic dictates. It is not lost on me, however, how fucked up it is for me, as a white person, to be explaining aspects of the back experience to him as a black man. It leaves me in utter conflict. I send him articles by black feminists, but I don’t know that he reads them. It’s not a terribly frequent problem but it does leave me wringing my hands when some latent opinion pops out. I don’t know what my place is in this dynamic. All my instincts apply well to schooling my white friends and family but…well…you get the idea. When do I need to sit down and shut up and when do I need to stand up?

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