I Stopped Eating Meat & Here’s How My Body Has Changed

About 2 months ago, my step mother told me that she’d cut out meat from her diet but still ate fish. She said the pescatarian diet has done wonders for the inflammation in places of her body she didn’t even know were inflamed. In that moment, grilled drumstick in hand, I didn’t think much of what she said. In the past, anytime someone suggested going pescatarian or vegetarian, I’d scoff at them as giving up chicken or steak felt impossible. As far as I could feel, it wasn’t hurting me and it tasted damn good.

Later that day, I went home and really thought about what she said. While weight loss is always a motivating factor for me with any diet change, I was more intrigued by her mentioning the inflammation. She said that parts of her body touched now that she never knew could touch before and it wasn’t attributed to weight loss. That, for some reason, was the golden selling point to me. That night, I decided to give it a go without putting any unrealistic pressure on myself. If I failed, and ate a chicken sandwich, then I promised myself I wouldn’t beat myself up over it. This is what’s happened so far.

Better Digestion

Over the last 2 years, my digestion has been absolutely terrible. I’m going to be real here, there are times that I’ll go 4-5 days without passing a bowel which means my stomach feels like a back of wet cement. Since I’ve cut out meat, it’s like the issue has gone away completely. I don’t have the problems of being bloated to the point of looking 5 months pregnant at night. The indigestion is not nearly as bad or as often an issue.  I simply feel like I can eat a plate of food and my body knows what to do with it from there. Before, I’d eat a plate of food and my body would going into fritz mode like tossing water on an electrical socket.

Eating At Home More

While I would consider myself a pescatartian, I don’t eat fish very often. I don’t like seafood enough to eat it daily but I do eat seafood about 2-4 times a month. Outside of that, I generally just eat anything that isn’t meat. Going out to pick up a quick burger, while incredibly convenient, is not really an option for me anymore. I can still eat fast food in some capacity but the trouble to hack every fast food menu is really not worth it. I’d rather just hack the food I have at home and cook it the way I like it. I’ve saved money on eating out and have learned new ways to cook meatless meals that are satisfying and delicious.

More Energy

When I worked a 9-5 office job, I used to drink coffee like my life depended on it. My body craved it all day long. When I started working at home, I was down to about 2 cups a day to get me through. Even with those 2 cups and working at home, I still felt like I was crawling through the hours of my day by 3pm. Since I’ve cut meat out of my diet, my energy level has honestly sky rocketed. I am much more awake and way less lethargic. Not only do I feel more energized, but I also feel more focused. Writing from home is not an easy job (no matter what people may think) and it requires a healthy dose of energy and focus to get through 3,000 words when your couch is calling your name and Netflix just added a new series. It’s not an issue anymore. I don’t have to nap every afternoon to feel ok.

I am not here to convince anyone to change their diet drastically or at all. This is just my experience. I already enjoyed healthy food but I didn’t eat it very often. I still eat shitty sometimes, just not shitty meat based meals. I’ve learned to balance my diet more and honestly I appreciate my body’s system more. I still dream about shredded rotisserie chicken and I anticipate that the holidays are going to be difficult for me. I went to a kid’s birthday party over the weekend and they were cooking all the good party like meat on the grill. There were hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled spiced chicken and I sat at the table where the food was being stationed. My body still craves a bite of one of those juicy hot dogs but eventually it won’t. If the change in my eating didn’t give me noticeable results, I’d be in the next Uber to Popeyes. But it did and I am so thankful.

And if you are wondering, I did lose a few pounds but I’m not sure yet how sustainable that is.

7 thoughts on “I Stopped Eating Meat & Here’s How My Body Has Changed

  1. This is D O P E! Good for you. And thank you for sharing your testimony.


  2. i was actually thinking of doing the pescatarian diet as well…i watched that doggone “what the health” documentary and I am a little messed up by what is in our meat..it’s disturbing


  3. How long before you started noticing results?


    1. I felt the results within the first 3 weeks. When I really got into the swing of eating consistently and a variety of foods, my body started to respond.


      1. I’ve been toying with the idea of giving up meat and reading your post is causing me to look harder at why I don’t try it for a month. Thanks.


      2. I’d definitely suggest giving it a month and see how you feel. Good luck!


      3. Thanks, I think I will after the holidays.


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