Ask A Black Chick Podcast Ep.1: My Special Needs Student Said Something Racist, Did I React Correctly?

What’s Happening

Hurricane Harvey Relief

For starters, we chat about hurricane Harvey and the absolute devastation that it caused. At the time of recording, there were reportedly 28 hurricane related deaths. If you would like to donate, please check the links below (information via the NYT):

This Week’s Question

Valerie Fulton Asks:

I’m a community college teacher. I had a student last semester, a white kid, who made a racist remark while analyzing a passage in literature. All the black kids were flinching. For me this was a difficult issue. The white student was on the autism spectrum, and his comment was impulsive and not made out of overt racial bias. I myself, of course, am white. What I did was tell the student, bluntly, that he made a racist remark. I felt I had a duty to all the class to make that clear. I then spoke with the white student after class.

The question is, What would you personally have wanted a professor to do in this situation?”


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