I Quit My Job A Year Ago, Here’s The Update!

A little over a year ago, I made the difficult decision to leave my job to find my path. Now, as nice as that sounds, leaving my job was a monumental choice because leaving meant finding a way to support myself and my child without that security. However, during the 2 years that I was there, I’d found myself becoming way too comfortable and I’d lost sight of where I wanted to be. The pressure of that was depressing. One day, after a long weekend of weighing my options and a clear sign, I decided to hand in my two weeks and haven’t looked back since.

Over this last year, I have had so many ups and downs. When I first left my full time job, I was scared as hell, I won’t lie to you. I knew that I could figure it out if I really wanted to but that hope doesn’t overshadow fear of not being able to feed my son. I was able to work part time in retail and work full time as a writer. For a while, it was absolutely amazing. I look back on those times with such joy and a full heart. I learned more about myself in those couple of months than I have any other time in my life. I learned that I can do whatever I set my mind to do. I am in control of Latifah’s world, truly. Before I left my job, it controlled me. My job controlled my money, my confidence, my mood, and my time. Since leaving, I have taken all of that control back. I am not fearful of losing anything that is not meant to stay in my life.

So, currently I am back working full time as a marketing manager for a private dental office. While it is no where near what I envision myself doing in the next 3 years, it has given me the space to learn more about marketing, working for a small business, and communicating my creativity into business. I am still writing very much for other outlets and finding time to work on independent projects as well. I’ve learned to roll with the punches of life and readjust my goals when necessary. My overall career goal has never changed. I still want to write as my main source of income and I will get there. But, that would be merely a dream, at best, if I didn’t take that leap of faith last year.

I hope that anyone that reads this finds the confidence to dig deep and take a leap of faith wherever it’s necessary in their own life. Think about this: If you planted a seed into a small pot, that flower would only be able to stretch it’s roots to the perimeters of that pot. But, if you transferred that flower to a bigger plot of soil, it would have the potential to double in size and beauty. However, you’d never know that looking at it inside of that tiny pot sitting on your windowsill. Like that flower, I learned to give myself the room and space to grow to my potential and I am forever grateful that I did.

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