5 Last Minute Gifts to Get Your Side Bae This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is about 2 days away and I am sure you already have a romantic evening planned or an elaborate gift picked out for your boo. Whether you are going the flowers and chocolates route or the lingerie and hours of sex path, you have it all set up for the special love holiday. But, have you considered what you are going to get your side boo this v-day? Listen, the morality of side pieces is not up to me to promote or condemn. I listened to Lemonade like everybody else so I know Beckys are all over the place. The fact is, if you plan on flaunting your main boo all up and through social media along with their beautiful gifts without acknowledging your side bae, you are setting yourself up for failure. The last thing you want to deal with are constant calls, texts, snaps, and DMs from your other other spouse threatening to release the screenshots. So, to avoid all of that, here are 5 simple and satisfying gifts you can get your side thang this Valentine’s Day:

  1. The secret Santa gift you got from the office grab bag that you never opened because why waste it?
  2. A 2 for $20 meal at the local Applebee’s. But take her/him on the 15th or the 13th and let them know that you have to work. They are the side piece anyway… they know what’s up.
  3. A night of Netflix and chillin’ at the local motel. To make them feel extra special, bring your own set of sheets for the bed. Let that semi-special someone know that you really care.
  4. A Valentine’s Day card with the same dusty lies you been telling them written inside (I love you, I’m going to leave my main for you, you’re special, etc. Get creative).
  5. A movie and dinner date 5 towns away because if your spouse catches you, that’ll be your ass.

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