Self Care & the Trump Years: How to Avoid the Mental Burnout These Next 4 Years

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During the election, Trumps campaign shook out the hidden racists, elitists, and the white folk that have been secretly praying for the days of Jim Crow and lynchings to come back. While disturbing and quite disheartening, I chose not to unfriend, delete, or unfollow most of the Trump supporters on my news feed. The truth is that most of them, thinking of one in particular, are absolutely absurd and delusional and I find their status updates to be so ridiculous, it’s kind of entertaining; most of the time.  With us being a week into his official presidency, the divide between Trump supporters and everyone else has become incredible. All through my news feed there are posts spanning from one end of the spectrum to the other. Trump is either awful, or how he is our hero. Between the executive orders and people caping for Melania Trump, it’s overwhelming. I have chosen to be an active part of the resistance. I marched in NY last Saturday, I am writing letters to my senator, and I am holding my finger on the pulse of what’s going on. This is my choice. But, this morning I realized that I am motherfucking tired.

Scrolling down my news feed, I passed an article about why we shouldn’t give a shit about Melania (beautifully written, totally true). Then I passed a status update about how the women’s march was a bunch of white housewives that were bored and that not enough cops tried to arrest them as opposed to marches for the Black Lives Matter movement (of course these statuses written by folks that didn’t even attend either). I saw a status with a meme saying that welfare recipients should take a drug test since the tax payers have to in order to get the job that pays for their welfare benefits (I know for a fact this person did not take a drug test for their current or previous job). I started to write a comment and then I deleted it because social media debates are absolutely annoying, infuriating, and useless. But, in that moment I realized how exhausted I was. I could not take another damn Trump update. It’s not because I don’t care because if you know me you know that I absolutely care. But after reading one insulting status after another and hearing about one ridiculous executive order topped by an even more ridiculous executive order, I can’t take anymore and my ability to fight this fight has waned.

So I sat and I thought about what I could do to keep my fire burning without it burning me out. It’s clear that I have to take care of myself and clock out of the constant Trump coverage at least once in a while. This weekend, I have absolutely no plans. I am not going anywhere, my son will be with his father, and I am not reading anymore Trump coverage. This weekend I am indulging in full on self-care and maintenance. I am going to paint, clean my apartment (I enjoy it), I’m going to drink all of the wine, write, read, relax. I am going to fill up my tank because it is running on E.

Slipping into total consumption can be so easy that you don’t even realize that it’s happening. We have to take a step back from the long fight for social justice and rights from time to time to take care of ourselves. Take a bath, read your favorite book, cook a meal, or just sleep in late on Sunday morning and make sure that you have the energy and wherewithal to continue the fight. This is not a sprint. It’s a long ass 4 year (praying for less) marathon and we can NOT burn ourselves out in the first month.

1 thought on “Self Care & the Trump Years: How to Avoid the Mental Burnout These Next 4 Years

  1. Ha! Both of these photos are hilarious! Is that white sangria??

    And I agree! It’s only been a week and look at the world. But you know when white women get mad, they stay mad til things go their way. We’ll see what happens.


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