Who You Callin’ a Bitch: Why You Need to Join the Ask a Black Chick Commitment Project

Ask a Black Chick

Walking into just about any new environment where people are getting to know me for the first time, one of their first reactions is that I am not like “most black girls”. With a grin of satisfaction as if not being like “most black girls” was the greatest compliment I could ever be given, these same people would follow up with what they meant exactly. It usually goes something like “you are articulate, like different things, different music, dress like a white girl, your hair, you’re college educated, you’re into.. like writing and stuff, you have goals, etc”.


The older I have gotten, the funnier this exchange is. Most of my friends are black women and all of them are educated, many of them are artsy, some of them like music I’ve never even heard of, plenty of them are incredibly cultured, all of them dress like they are fresh out of a catalog, and each and every one of them is different and unique. Those traits are not being like a white girl. Those positive words are for black women just as much as they are white women. 


This is why I started Ask a Black Chick and why I am launching the Commitment Project. I am sick and tired of black women being classified and restricted by stereotypes that are wholly untrue. We ARE artsy. We ARE educated. We ARE carefree. 


I want you to join me, starting MONDAY 9/12/16 to join the Ask a Black Chick Commitment Project. On Monday, you will be able to purchase a tank that expresses your commitment to changing to way we talk about black women. This is not just a cute, fun tank (that’s also incredibly comfortable), it is a promise to use positive, affirming, and encouraging words to talk about ourselves and other black women. Share the commitment and join the commitment this Monday! 

Are you excited to purchase a tank to rock this fall (and winter if you don’t live in the north like me)? Which shirt is right for you?

Join the newsletter for an extra special discount this weekend!

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