Lena Dunham’s Temper Tantrum & Why She Should Retire From Feminism

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Earlier this week, Girls actress Lena Dunham waved her white privilege flag in all it’s glory during an interview with the other American sweetheart Amy Schumer and shared an unfortunate tale of her experience at the 2016 MET Gala. In a nutshell, she felt awkward and rejected because Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t send her I want to fuck you vibes. She said he spent the evening scrolling through his social media and pretty much ignored her as they sat at the same table. She, of course, attributed this to him being not sexually attracted to her because, HELLO, she’s a white woman and all black men (athletes especially) automatically wants a white woman. Never mind the fact that he might have been bored as well or not into the event or simply didn’t know anything about you outside of your exclusion of black people in your hit HBO show and decided to not speak to you. OBJ didn’t say anything rude or sneer at her. He simply didn’t perpetrate her predetermined stereotypes which was just enough to piss poor little Lena off.

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Here’s the kicker, though; black women (you know the ones that apparently don’t live in NY) go through this exact experience on a daily basis. In my life, I have gone to events, social gatherings where I was in a group of mostly white men and they looked at me like an undesirable piece of trash. Not because I was wearing a tuxedo as Lena described or because I am shaped differently or because I’m not attractive in a general sense. No, they looked at me like that because I am a black woman which is a trait that I can’t work off in a gym, undress from, or cover though, I wouldn’t if I could. So, I am not sorry that Lena created an entire scenario based on her own insecurities and stereotypes of black men as feteshized creatures and therefore had a shitty Met Gala experience. Black women deal with this type of bullshit everyday and it’s not a made up situation created out of our own inner demons. It’s real.

The thing I found the most ridiculous is that the body pos, super hey look at my pubes celebs like Lena and Amy Schumer are propelled as the feminist voices of 20-something white women yet Lena was utterly appalled that a man didn’t undress her with his eyes and stare her down like a piece of premium steak at a butcher. Isn’t that the exact opposite of what feminism stands for?

After black Twitter dragged her entire life through the mud, feet first; she threw together an apology that was half ass’d and ignored.

What do you all think about this situation?

3 thoughts on “Lena Dunham’s Temper Tantrum & Why She Should Retire From Feminism

  1. She’s really ugly. Clearly her face reflects her crappy character.

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  2. she is such an attention whore i swear. If someone doesnt find you cute or want to talk to you, whats the problem?? get your life gurl


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