Gabby Douglas’ Hair isn’t the Problem, You are

When young Gabby first hit the scene of major recognition, she fell under extreme scrutiny for her hair. With most of the criticism coming from the black community, trolls around the world took to social media to express their disgust for Gabby’s hair care choices. 


I will say this,  I seriously do not care about a single strand of hair on her head. She is making history and paving a way for our daughters to follow in her footsteps. She is an inspiration to me and I’m a damn adult! If you are tearing her down for her hair choices without celebrating her for her immense success, you are a part of the major problem. Instead of ripping each other apart, black women, especially, need to stick together. When the masses want to see us fail, we aren’t supposed to feed into it.


So, while you’re sitting on Twitter or Snapchat talking about Gabby’s hair, you know the same Gabby that is flying through the air in the fucking Olympics while you are sitting on your couch watching commercials about ICDC between episodes of Maury, just know that whether you like her style choices or not, Gabby is doing major things for our community. She is creating an environment for our children that allows them to believe in themselves and know that little black boys and girls can do it too.

4 thoughts on “Gabby Douglas’ Hair isn’t the Problem, You are

  1. i hate these types of conversations, only because 90 percent of the assholes that had something to say were black people. we sure are our own enemies, sheesh…smdh


  2. I totally agree with you. It’s underlying hatred and jealously. Her hair doesn’t define her worth.


  3. It’s a shame how people hate on each other so much. Smh.


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