#Pulsenightclub: Why the Orlando Mass Shooting Should Matter to You, to Me, and to Our Next President

Photo credit: wftv.com

By now, you have heard about the tragedy that went down in Orlando, FL at the nightclub Pulse. Over 50 people were shot and killed and even more were injured. From the devastating videos from that night to the recounts from the survivors, the entire situation is almost too much to even watch as it all unfolds and we gain more information.

What is even more horrific is that some people have made this a situation of sexual orientation or made it into this thing that is somehow segregated from the rest of us because this tragedy occurred at a gay nightclub. Well, I want to make absolutely clear that gun violence and the ease of which psychopaths, religious zealots, and people that just have a desire to take the lives of the innocents can touch any of our lives in this country until we change the gun laws.

These young people; Edward Sotomayor Jr., Stanley Almodovar III, Akyra Monet Murray, Luis S. Vielma and so many more were out on the town to enjoy a night of fun with their spouses and friends. They weren’t looking for trouble. They weren’t standing up for a cause. They weren’t fighting for gay rights, making their death a causality of progress. No, they were you, they were me, they were my son in 18 yrs, and they were my friends, my sisters and brothers. They were Americans that deserved to live. By creating a safe space between them and everyone else, we are becoming a part of the problem. My heart is heavy with grief when I see those faces and think of the families that will forever be impacted by this day. The shooter, dead during the gun fight between him and officials, is gone and we will never truly know what his motives were. But, what this as the many mass shootings before Orlando, has taught us that the next leader of this nation needs to pick up where Obama left off in changing the gun laws. It should not be this easy for us to supply people with weapons. I should feel safe in the land of the free, home of the brave. These young men and women were not seeking death when they left their homes that night; they were looking to live their life to the fullest.

The pulse night club shooting is not just a tragedy that has rocked the LGBT community; it has rocked this country as a whole and I hope that they know that this country, these citizens are behind them. I am sorry 50 people had to lose their lives. I am so, so sorry.


1 thought on “#Pulsenightclub: Why the Orlando Mass Shooting Should Matter to You, to Me, and to Our Next President

  1. Yes this is very sad news 😔.


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