Kim Kardashian’s Naked Ass is Not Empowering, It’s Just Another Naked Ass

Scrolling through social media as I do, I saw (via a gossip acct) that Kim K has a new secret project afoot and the pictured hinted that it may have something to do with her naked ass, again. Oh boy!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with women, celebs and otherwise, using their bodies for their work. That means strippers, prostitutes, naked models, and Kim Kardashian. But, there is an issue when women of influence try to use their desire to share their perfectly shaped, idealistic, big ol ass with the world to gain more influence, money, etc but do so under the guise of female empowerment.

When I see Kim’s naked ass, I don’t suddenly feel a rise of empowerment bubbling up in my soul. I don’t think of how lucky my generation is to have such a fearless leader with the perfect ass to match. When I see Kim K’s naked ass as the face of a new project, I think about the amazing marketing team she must have and how they latched on to the buzz words of empowerment and feminism. I think about how what would really make me feel empowered about my femininity and like I don’t  have to be primped, prodded, and molded for sexiness at all times is photo of Kim’s stretch marks or fresh no make up face or a part of herself that is transcendent or imperfect or, dare I say, fucking human.

Women that share photos of their naked, or mostly naked, bodies as a stand against slut shaming and in the name of empowerment are an important role in advancement of women and how we are treated and portrayed. However, there is a clear distinction between sharing your body because it’s yours and you can and sharing your body for glory and profit. Both are totally fine, but both aren’t female empowerment.

Kim, show that ass all you want and when you do, it will be another ass on the blogs. It will not close the wage gap, give a voice to the silenced victims of female genitalia mutilation, encourage rape survivors to tell their stories, stop the assassination on women of color, put an end to slut shaming, or even make a poor girl in some Midwestern state that’s being teased for her big lips and awkward shape feel like her body is worthy of love. No, your ass shots will continue to be an excellent marketing campaign that racks in millions.


3 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s Naked Ass is Not Empowering, It’s Just Another Naked Ass

  1. I love how you managed to prove that Kim Kardashian’s use of her body isn’t empowerment without belittling her. You stated the facts and I love it!

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  2. love it…u hit the nail on the head as usual


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