#AskABlackChick: As an Employer, How Do I Diversify My Staff & Attract More Black Job Applicants?

Tired Job Poster asks:

Ask a Black Chick

ashleeAshlee P says:

I have worked in HR for a few years and I also have a degree in human resources. I must say that the type of applicant that you attract not only has to do with how you advertise your positions but the company culture. You need to make sure that your current employees are as open to being inclusive as you would want your candidates to be. Everything starts from the inside out. Also, setting explicit diversity goals is very important. You should create a plan on why you would like to be more racially diverse and how it would impact the organization as well as the company mission statement.

In terms of finding talented candidates that are attracted to your company, there are many free ways to do so. One is college recruiting. Most colleges and universities charge little to no money to advertise at their institutions. Their main goal is to get their students placed and keep their job placement statistics high after graduation. Along with that, I would also reach out to diversity groups in your area and ask them what options they have for posting jobs. This can include churches or groups like the local chapters of the NAACP. Again there are many organizations that serve many different communities that you may not normally interact with that want their members to find jobs.

Also, social media is very important. There are job blogs, LinkedIn is very popular and Facebook for distributing information. You just need to be very diligent in posting and reposting your position. Lastly, there are many state or municipality run organizations , like the Department of Workforce Development or the Department of Labor that help the unemployed with job placement. The only issue with these channels is that sometimes the quality of the applicant is not always that great. I know this from personally participating in job placement events held by these organizations…. But again these agencies do offer job postings for little to no cost. Hope this helps!

Afro Divine Flower says:

You can try job boards for people of color such as employdiversity.com and diversityworking.com or you can team up with some black universities, organizations or diversity fairs that are in your town.

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