Old Navy Pictures Interracial Family & the Racist White Folk Lose Their Shit

Photo Credit: mic.com

Recently, Old Navy posted a campaign that featured a black woman, a seemingly black child, and a white man playfully together like a family. A BIRACIAL FAMILY.

The white racists, like the backwater-burn a cross on your front yard-white is right-the puuuuuure race prevails, are completely losing their shit. Here are some highlights:

Photo Credit: http://www.attn.com
Photo Credit: mic.com


Photo Credit: mic.com

Honestly, I find it amusing. For starters, this is not the first mixed race portrayal of a family by a major company (ahem Cheerios). Also, black folk were given the right to marry whoever we want decades ago. These type of people that take diversity as a war on whiteness when America is founded to benefit whiteness is absolutely, knee slapping hilarious.

But here is my question that I would love to know your perspective:

Would there be as much overt outrage if the picture was of a black man, a white woman, and a fair skinned child?

1 thought on “Old Navy Pictures Interracial Family & the Racist White Folk Lose Their Shit

  1. there would probably still be rage of some sort if it were reversed, because racism is racism. Racist white folks dont like change, it scares them. They believe that each race should not mix. If whites start to trail off and sleep with other races it is now watering down the white race which is confusing as hell to me. How the hell can you feel that way when this type of behavior still holds problems in this day and age?? The funny part is how can you say something so disgustingly disrespectful and follow behind it with “but i’m not racist”. Just own your shyt, I would respect that so much more. Say: “you know what i dont like blacks, thats how i feel, and its not changing anytime soon”. Because then i know what i am dealing with head on rather than behind closed doors. I hate covert racists, and you never find out how they really feel until a situation like this arises and you find out their true feelings. Trust and believe old navy aint losing any sleep or any money over racists assholes. Their sales will continue to soar, they good….smdh

    sorryy for the long paragraph lol

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