25 Answers to Buzzfeed’s 27 Questions for Black People From Black People

If you haven’t seen this video by now, here you go.

A panel of black people asked 27 dumb ass questions (a few were ok) about blackness that seemed so off to me. Watching the video, I wondered why they didn’t know the answer to most of these questions. That heir of better than that this video was drenched in is the reason why many black people in the community are stifled and education and opportunity seem inaccessible. Sitting on your perch of judgement certainly will not help.


  1. Why is it so hard to be on time?– This is actually a good question. I personally hate being late and think that lateness is an issue so many people deal with. It pisses me off SO MUCH!
  2. If my dab is on fleek am I lit?– Uh, duh.
  3. Why is it a problem if I (black male) like anime?– Let’s get real real for a second. Black people being in any space that is typically not accepting of blacks (anime, art, educational institutions, etc) is usually given the side eye. Problem, I don’t think so. Not typical, maybe. Depends on your group of friends.
  4. Why do black people look at your shoes first when they greet you?- Really? I honestly never noticed. Probably because we are stylish af and want to see what you are working with.
  5. Why are we more likely to engage in the new dance trend than we are to get involved in politics or opening a business?– This is where you are so wrong my dear. This is what makes black people so dynamic and interesting. We can dab on em as well as we can hold a Masters and hold an educated conversation about current politics and history. Your huge mistake is assuming that we can’t do both and pigeon holding folks in stereotypes because white folk are completely allowed to twerk and talk about the election and not be considered unintelligent or uninformed.
  6. How did watermelon become our thing?– I once had this question too. Here you go.
  7. Why do you get upset when I don’t like a black celeb?– Maybe I am upset that you don’t like my favorite celeb; race aside.
  8. Why do we call each other the N word and get vehemently upset when other people use it?– Because black people that choose to use that word have taken it, reclaimed it as their own, given it a different meaning and it is ok for us to have something as small as a word that others cannot use. We have that right. (This is so relevant tho)
  9. Why is my natural hair seen as a political statement?– That is really a question you should direct at the white folk that judge, touch, and prevent you from wearing it in professional spaces and call it messy or unkempt. It becomes a political statement because it is the opposite of what black women are allowed to be when it comes to beauty. It is against the norm. Surely you know that. (This is also so relevant tho)
  10. Light skinned vs. Dark skinned– This is not a black created phenomenon. Surely you know your American history and know that light skinned slaves were considered closer to white and treated better and seen as more desirable. Even after slavery, light skin and good hair were traits and concepts passed on to us from our white slave owners and society. More like survival techniques. The lighter you are, the easier it will be for you. I do believe black is beautiful and I also believe that it can be damn hard to realize that when you are constantly bombarded with the opposite.
  11. Why do some black men only date white women?– Because they are dumb and have this idea of what a black woman is. They may date any woman but a black woman. Here is what I think about that.
  12. Why is it ok for black men to date white women but not black women date white men?It isn’t.
  13. Why do you protest BLM but tear each other down?– Because sometimes, as a black person, it feels like the plate of opportunity is only but so big. It feels like there isn’t enough allocated room for us all to succeed. Does that make it right? No. It is a problem and I think we need to learn how to work together instead of against each other.
  14. Why do we say we don’t want to be seen as a monolith but then say we will take people’s black card away for not liking something?– Every single culture has their things that everyone loves. It is what makes cultures have that feeling of togetherness. So to say I will take your black card away is simply a joke, a haha, a oh my gosh I can’t believe you don’t like this too. That is ok. We are allowed that, right?
  15. Why don’t we support black owned businesses?– This is actually a good ass question that I don’t have an answer for. Comment an answer if you have one.
  16. When will homophobia end in the black community?– When it ends in America.
  17. Why is it so common for black families to not have a father?– It is generational. It is what we have grown used to. There has been a consistent effort to dismantle the black family and household with tactics ranging from slavery to prison. Even when we aren’t in that space, we grew up like that. I do think that we are seeing a change in that, however. More black couples are choosing marriage, children, family now.
  18. Why don’t we like to confront our mental health issues?– Mental health has always been seen as something that is made up or manifested in the black community. I know in my family, our elders would tell us to just pray and we will be ok. It is taboo. I think we have this exterior of being so strong and admitting to mental health issues can make you feel weak or vulnerable which is a tough spot for the black community.
  19. Why is there a checklist for being black?– Black people didn’t create that checklist.
  20. Why is being educated considered a white trait?– That is the societal standard. Black people have been locked out of education and opportunity for centuries. We weren’t even allowed to learn how to read, or to vote, or even go to school and receive a quality education. Our stereotype, where people feel comfortable around us, is assumed stupidity.
  21. Why do I have to be mixed in order to have long hair?– Black women are assumed to always wear weaves all of the time to mask the fact that we don’t have any hair. With the natural hair movement though, I think that idea is dated and not seen half as much.
  22. Why do you think well off black people don’t know what it means to be black?– Black = struggle as told by society, tv, media, news, your neighbor, errrbody.
  23. Why do black people say oh I have Native American in my blood?– Refer to Q. 10.
  24. Why can’t we realize we have different types of black people walking around that are special and unique?– I realize that but I don’t think that is what is projected to the masses.
  25. Why are we always looking for the discount?– Who doesn’t love a discount tho?!

3 thoughts on “25 Answers to Buzzfeed’s 27 Questions for Black People From Black People

  1. ooooooooooooooooo man if i had an answer for number 15 i would definitely tell ya. I have no idea. I know I do , I try my hardest to support my brothers and sisters.
    good read gurl, as always 🙂


    1. Yes I wish I had an answer. Honestly, if there is a black owned business available I will choose that one. There is a black owned laundromat that I go to because it is quality and I like supporting them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. me too, if i can choose black over anything else i will, but they aren’t getting the support they need because their own people aren’t standing up and/or rooting for them ya know…its sad


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