Boxer Braids, Wigs, Big Lips, & Other Trends Black Girls Created Before the Kardashians


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In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Kylie Jenner said that she “started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs” and that “Kim [Kardashian] just used my wig guy last night…I just do whatever I want to do, and people will follow“. While she claims the magazine, notorious for spinning black trends and crediting them to super cool white stars and everyone else but us, twisted her words around to make it sound harsher than it actually was; I was just thinking of all of the things that young, impressionable Kardashian clan obsessed kids probably think they started. The truth is that these trends have been around way longer than that family. While I don’t exactly fault them for people crowning them with title of trendsetters, I do take issue with them accepting such a title when they know goodness well what’s up.

Boxer Braids

JUST STAHP with the damn boxer braids bullshit already. I, and just about every black woman I have ever met, have been braiding their hair in that exact style for decades. We call them plaits or cornrows because that’s what they are.

Big Lips

Honestly, anyone can have big lips. It is probably like genetic or something. Black women though, and black people in general, have been ridiculed and mocked since the minstrel shows for having big lips. Just a few months ago, a black model’s lips were pictured on MAC Cosmetics’ Instagram page. The same big ass lips starlets like Kylie Jenner imitate.

Curvy Shapes

Remember when Vogue said that Iggy Azalea was bringing big butts back in style? Remember when they totally disregarded the fact that black female stars have been rocking curvaceous figures for centuries? Oh aight.


This one probably annoys me the most because I grew up in the age of music videos and vividly remember Juvenile telling us to back that azz up for the 99 and 2000’s and how those women were twerking like their lives depended on it. Fast forward 16 years and a few other dance trends later and twerking has resurfaced and women of color are literally thrown to the wolves for doing it while white women are praised for having rhythm.

Hair Weaves/Wigs

Let me tell you something; I was at work one day and this black male coworker, unsolicited, proclaimed that he could not ever date a woman that wore hair weaves. He said that black women are always wearing hair weaves and he doesn’t prefer it and honestly, he isn’t alone in this thought process. When black women wear weaves, we are ridiculed, called fake, ghetto, and everything else under the sun. But, when Kylie and her white counterparts wear weaves and wigs, they are fresh, innovative, cool, interesting. Black women have been doing this weave thing for literally ever and don’t you forget it.

Listen, there is a fine line between appropriation and appreciation. I don’t own weaves, big lips, a dance move, or anything just because I am a black woman. But, to completely disregard and erase us from the conversation when we started the trend is dangerous, irresponsible, and harmful. That is what makes us so amazing; our different and interesting cultures. But, Beyonce can’t order a sari on Amazon, rock it a few times with henna on her hands and a Bindi on her forehead take credit for starting this interesting, new bohemian trend. It isn’t ok and is counting out a whole group of people that have been spectacularly trending for centuries.

5 thoughts on “Boxer Braids, Wigs, Big Lips, & Other Trends Black Girls Created Before the Kardashians

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  2. YES! I could not agree with you more!

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  3. Yes. I could not agree with you more.


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