Confession: I’m Natural & I Hate Coconut Oil

Alright– there; I said it. No, coconut oil is not the liquid gold that these memes and Youtubers promised me it would be. I’m not going to through everyone’s favorite oil completely under the bus. When I went natural 5 years ago, coconut oil was one of my go to oils. It smelled great, felt great, and made my hair shine and sparkle.

I stopped using coconut oil for a while, about 2 years in to being natural. I started to explore my oil options and found that olive oil was the best for my hair. I should have stopped there. This should be the end of this post. But NO! You guys told me that coconut oil was the elixir of life. So I decided to give ol’ faithful another go and everything was awful.

My hair felt dry no matter how much water or oil I used. My ends were brittle and crisp like the overly fried ends of french fries. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure what was going on. But then, in the midst of writing my DIY book on how to make your own natural hair products, I did extensive research and figured out that the protein in coconut oil was wrecking havoc on my strands. I was not giving my hair the moisture protein balance it needed and my strands were snapping from simple maintenance.

While I still think coconut oil is alright in moderation and great for other things like your skin or cooking up some stir fry, it is just not good for my hair (silent weep).

What do you ladies think about coconut oil? Is it the elixir of natural life that everyone claims it to be?

12 thoughts on “Confession: I’m Natural & I Hate Coconut Oil

  1. Is that Kylie Jenner??

    Anywho, I do like coconut oil. Love? Nah. If I use it for my hair, I have to combine a tad with a leave in conditioner/moisturizer. It doesn’t do much for me on its own sides smell good.


    1. The way I feel about Kylie is comparable to my feelings about coconut oil– everyone loves them and I don’t get it.

      For me, if it is in a shampoo or hair product as an ingredient, I’m alright. On it’s own though ::hell naw::!!!!!

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  2. Personally I don’t use it but yes there are tons of naturals that swear by it! I’ve been natural going on 2 years now and I use castor oil mix with almond oils water and ecaluptis


    1. My #1 go to is olive oil. It has never steered me wrong. Honestly, outside of cleaning and conditioning, I am good with Shea butter, olive oil and some good ol’ water.

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      1. I hear ya..have a great day🌺


  3. I wasn’t done but anyways that’s what I use…errbody is different gotta use what works for you ❤️


  4. Coconut oil?? Hmmm I love the oil though


  5. Doesn’t do anything for my hair. Olive oil doesn’t either, except make it dry. Natural Shea butter mixed with other oils does good things to my 4c hair that teenage me never knew possible!


  6. Trust me I know what you mean. It’s cool for my roots but does NADA for my ends, non-absorbent, nada, feel you.


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