What is BGM?: The Step by Step Guide on How White Girls Can Snatch Up Some Black Girl Magic

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Black girl magic has been a hot topic lately and has many white girls wondering why they too can’t be magical. Is this exclusive to black girls? Where’s magic equality when it truly matters? Who is fighting for the rights of black AND white girls to have the same access to damn magic? It’s absolutely atrocious, I know. I have put together this easy to follow step by step guide for white girls that are dying to get their hands on a piece of BGM.

  1. Strength– Black women have this profound ability to withstand almost anything and carry on. So, the first step to BGM is to toughen the hell up. This means when your boss says little racist snide comments in meetings or your pals compliment you on how well spoken you are in comparison to the other negroes running the streets, you must smile, correct them, and carry on and repeat.
  2. Overcome– You know what’s so magical about black women like Oprah, Shonda Rhimes, and Lupita Nyongo? They were able to succeed in arenas that despise people of their kind. Sit at tables where it is explicitly clear black women are not wanted. They were able to overcome day in and day out even when it was exhausting. Adversity is at a black woman’s door each and every day trying to smack the hell out of her before one foot hits the ground. Can you handle that?
  3. Fearlessness– Black girl magic is largely about being fearless in going after awesomeness. Fearlessness is strength and the ability to overcome combined. It is what happens when you are a cashier and rise to the executive VP of your company. It is what happens when you are a young Hollywood starlet that uses her platform to bring awareness to racism. It is what happens when you pull yourself up from the slums to become one of the most recognizable black ballerinas and the Principle Dancer at American Ballet. It is what happens when you are sick and tired of reading about little white boys and their dogs so you start a book drive specifically asking for books about black girls.Black girl magic is a spirit, and sixth sense that was put into our DNA. Our ability to do, overcome, muster up strength, and not take “no, black girls can’t do that” as an answer. We have already seen who white women are. Instead of seeing BGM as something to oppose, how about being an ally and giving black women space to celebrate us being who we are despite being told, time and time again, that it isn’t good enough.

1 thought on “What is BGM?: The Step by Step Guide on How White Girls Can Snatch Up Some Black Girl Magic

  1. Yes hunty!! I love this post! Sums it up perfectly to me. From 1 sis to the next. Thanks..yeah that BGM hmph either your born with it or ya not✌🏾️❤️🌺👑

    Liked by 1 person

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