5 Things We Need To Stop Telling Women About Their Bodies

When I was going through puberty, there was a barrage of information coming at me about what it was to have a female body. What it was supposed to look like, smell like, feel like. It was stressful because I never felt like I fit into the parameters of womanhood. That shit is stressful. Now that I am an actual woman, I can decide for myself what womanhood means for me. I realized that society has it all wrong and that women are fucking human too! We sweat, we poop, we pee, and it is all ok. Here is everything that we need to stop telling women is wrong with their bodies:

If you don’t smell like a tropical fruit basket, you are a damn Ogre

Newsflash: it is completely unnatural for you to always smell like artificial coconut and mango Starbursts. While I am not saying that you have to walk around in a cloud of funk, it is totally ok to embrace your natural scent and work with it. Personally, nothing moisturizes my skin better than raw shea butter and that smells like a mix of absolutely nothing and mild dirt.

Your vagina needs to be scrubbed in and out, up and down daily

I always see women on social media saying that they use the finest vaginal washes to clean their sugar bowl. I then cringe. Countless doctors have warned against excessive cleansing and the use of douches and washes. Turns out, the vagina is a self cleaning machine and a little water goes a long way. Try it.

If you have any hair, outside of your brows and mane, you are disgusting

If any man wants you to be completely hairless, I advise you run as fast as possible. It is not normal for a man to want his woman to be hairless like a damn infant. I am not shaving my arms for anyone!

Stretch marks are the death of your beauty— forever!

Listen, stretch marks happen to MEN and women alike. It is a sign that you have gained or lost weight which most adults do in their lifetime. If you have been the same weight since puberty, well sorry. I haven’t and I have the stretch marks to prove it.

Cellulite and jiggles should be covered at all times

I don’t care what the infomercials tell you, there is nothing you can do about cellulite. Beyonce has cellulite. Angelina Jolie has cellulite. I have cellulite and some jiggles because while I am a woman, I am also human.

Women are beautiful beings but we are also allowed to smell natural, look natural, and be comfortable in our own bodies the way they were made without the world making us feel like shit about it.

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