9 Questions I Have For the Angry White People Mad at Beyonce

When I was around 7 or 8, we had a school project where we were to choose a historical figure to dress up as and write a little book report. I promptly went home that day and told my mom.

The day the project was due, I put my report that my mother helped me with in my book bag and got dressed. I put on my black pants, black turtle neck, black beret, and black shoes.

“What am I supposed to be again, mommy?” I asked, even though she clearly explained it several times already.

“You are a member of the Black Panther Party. When you read your report, hold your fist like this at the end” she said, firmly raising her tucked fingers in the air.

Now, about 2 decades later, Beyonce’s team had the same idea as my mom did for my school project. To show up on the main stage, for the world to see, and display your black pride loud and unapologetically.

But, only days after the Super Bowl, white folk are having nervous breakdowns across the country. Crying, weeping, outraged, throwing themselves on the floor into a full blown tantrum that BEYONCE, of all people, would show up to the Super Bowl and display her blackness so blatantly.

Here are a few questions I have for the sad white people and their outrage:

  1. Why does black pride scare you so much? Do you fear our potential? Our intelligence? That we could take anything that we want?
  2. Are you as outraged by the use of the Confederate flag in concerts and videos?
  3. Does every single thing have to include you, otherwise you will cry?
  4. Do you, at all, know the history of the BPP?
  5. If you want to get into formation so damn bad, (and we all know that is the real reason you’re mad) why not tell Taylor Swift or Miley to help you out?
  6. Was this display of black power too harsh for Grandma Esther? I guess the displays of Jim Crow in the 50’s and 60’s wasn’t. ::shrugs::
  7. Why do you just lump all cops together as the enemy when anyone talks about police brutality? Hmm? I mean, if you even glance at history, you have to see where the distrust comes from between the black community and law enforcement.
  8. I know I have seen some people critique the fact that she had all black dancers. Get a load of that… all black dancers. Do the angry white people feel like they weren’t represented? Wonder what that feels like.
  9. Do you have FOMO?

I know the angry white people are wondering why can’t we have something that isn’t about race. Why can’t we just enjoy a good ol’ wholesome football game. Well, for some citizens of this country, race is always in our face, a part of the conversation.

9 thoughts on “9 Questions I Have For the Angry White People Mad at Beyonce

  1. Hmm. You said, “Why can’t we just enjoy a good ol’ wholesome football game. ” And that’s what I did. Didn’t even occur to me to have a problem that she chose all black dancers. Or that she was dressed like the BPP. I expect musicians to dress a little differently. That’s part of costuming. Apparently Beyonce’s a black gal, proud of who she is, what her culture is about, and wants to display her heritage. So….where’s the problem with that? If I want to wear a kilt or a clover on St. Patrick’s Day, I should be allowed to, and Beyonce should be able to do what she likes with her show. Doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. I don’t understand people getting all worked up about this stuff.

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    1. I wish more people had your relaxed out look. The part that is so insane to me is that people pretend that the NFL organization did not know what she was going to perform. It is their football game. A host of old, white men run the organization and were ok. Everyone is up in arms about nothing. There were not breasts hanging out, no curse words, no obscene dancing. I think many people like to live in a bubble and when the SB, of all things, threatens to burst that bubble, they totally freak out! Yes, race and gender are still here even on super bowl Sunday!

      Thanks for your insight, it is always very nice!

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  2. I enjoyed the post. People fear what they don’t understand. Black pride is not anti-white. People find the smallest reason to complain about something. So over the hype of privileged people trying to protest about not being included in something.


    1. And you know what is so funny, the “Anti Beyonce” crowd was supposed to protest and stand up for “All lives” and not a single person came. Not one! Just goes to show that their outrage is artificial. Black pride is scary as hell to some white folk. When they see it, they try to snuff it out as quickly as possible. All I have to say is if you want to get into formation, white people, then call up your girl Taylor.

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      1. White people get scared when they see black pride because they are only familiar with their own pride which involves murder, oppression and inequality. Black pride has nothing to do with them and it scares the hell out of them.


  3. I believe Beyonce did what anyone would in her position whether they really care or for publicity. Whatever the reason, I wouldn’t call the performance unexpected. She had every right to do it, and I don’t fault her for it.

    However, I do question whether or not it helps to solve the racial divide and inequality or whether it just creates a bigger rift. I wrote a post about it here http://alexischateau.com/2016/02/13/why-beyonces-super-bowl-50-performance-solves-nothing/ .


  4. What killed me, was when people were comparing her performance to the KKK. The Irony is that these “wholesome Americans” are completely missing the similarities that the Black Panthers share with the American Revolutionaries. I wrote a post on this double standard here:


  5. I did not have a problem with it because I am not even convinced Beyoncé REALLY knows what black pride is for real. Nothing in her lyrics has any ground breaking message, neither did she address how blacks can deal with social ills. Are white people that angry? I mean, come on! The girl still wore a blond wig (or tracks) and was dressed like a Panther. It was funny as hell to me.


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