Everything We Need To Stop Teaching Our Little Black Girls

Photo Credit: mybrownbaby.com

Growing up, I knew that beauty in my community came in the form of a fair skinned, straight haired, racially ambiguous goddess. I knew, subconsciously that my body was my worth. I understood that men were stronger and smarter than I could ever be. It was clear that my potential stopped just pass my waist, right above my knees. This didn’t have to be explained to me because I was methodically taught what it means to be a little black girl.

But, ya know what? It is about time we stop teaching our little black girls these lessons that improperly prepare them to be black women.

  1. Our best assets are behind us

    We are more than our curves. We are taught that our bodies are our everything. It is the way to success, love, and happiness. We are more than ass, though. Black women are educated, creative, bright, and can offer much more than a good twerk.

  2. Don’t be too loud

    Loud is not synonymous with ignorant. Black women are stereotyped as loud and boisterous and are often told to take it down, keep quiet. Well you know what, I am confident when I speak so I shout it out.
    L O U D L Y.

  3. Without a man, you are nothing

    Men (our men usually) love to remind little black girls how important it is to grow up and attach themselves to a man. A single man is a bachelor, living it up. A single black woman is a lonely spinster. Black women don’t have to marry or commit to anyone if they don’t choose to and still have an amazing life.

  4. You have to choose between love and success

    Listen up little black girls, you can be highly educated and successful AND have love. The tricky part is finding the man that is intrigued instead of intimidated by your levels.

  5. Your sexuality makes you a hoe

    Your vagina is yours to do whatever the hell you want with. Give it out, keep it closed, share it with hundreds, share it with no one. That is all up to you and no matter what, you are still worthy of love.

  6. Single motherhood is failure

    Women all over the world end up raising their children while not being in a committed with the father. They are not failures. If that ends up being you, you will not be a failure.

  7. Talking, being, and passing as white is the goal

    As a little black girl, people would constantly think they were complimenting me with telling me how white washed I seemed. That has never been my goal. Stop telling little black girls they sound white. Replace white with educated, beautiful, interesting, or funny when you are complimenting little black girls.

  8. They have good hair

    What is bad hair? I’ll wait.

    Speak gently to our little black girls. Raise them up with pride. Treat them like the jewels that they are. Tell them that they are beautiful and smart. Tell them that they can have whatever they want. Tell them that the world is theirs. Tell them that you love them. Tell them that they are worthy of love. Prepare them to be strong, loving, happy black woman.

5 thoughts on “Everything We Need To Stop Teaching Our Little Black Girls

  1. Love this. My favourite is talking,being ,passing as white is goal


  2. omg i love this soooooooooooooooooo much…great read


  3. So important for our young girls to know…


  4. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. As a pasty white girl, I had no idea that these ideas are presented to so many young black girls in America. It makes me sad. My daughters and I, pale, freckled, with our limp hair really do admire the ladies with some color to their skin. I wish so many black ladies and girls would see themselves the way that I do, a part of the human rainbow that makes the world interesting and beautiful.


  5. I’m commenting on No 5 because what is interesting is that I’ve known of young ladies who have been with lots of men, who keep choosing the SAME types of men, and being left on the hit it quit it list because they may not believe they deserve a good man. smh. Interesting that you say that. Once a young woman realizes she deserves a REAL type of love, maybe that will cause her to keep her goodies to herself until she finds not Mr. Right, but Mr. Trying His Best.


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