Why You Should Be A Part of Ask A Black Chick

Ask a black chick

By now, you have heard me go on and on about Ask A Black Chick and, while you probably know what it is, you may not know why this is such an important movement and why YOU need to be a part of it.

The way Ask A Black Chick is that readers submit questions. They can be about race, gender, love, relationships, womanhood, motherhood, anything. They can be asked anonymously or not.

The questions are then answered as a part of a weekly series by a community of REAL black women in a respectful, caring way.

So what’s the point?

The fact of the matter is that most of us lack diversity experience. We don’t know what black womanhood is. Our idea of what it means to be a black woman is based on stereotypes, media, and assumptions that separate us more than they bring us together. I wanted to create a safe place for people (white, black, men, women) to ask questions to a real group of black women so that they can then go into the world with a better understanding of who we are. Black womanhood is not simply twerk videos and food stamps. We aren’t all strung out, poverty ridden, finger snapping, neck rolling, don’t know our daddies, depraved women. Black women are as diverse and magnificent as other women.

Why we need YOU?

Now you know why this is important, but I need you to know why you are an intrigal part in this change and Ask A Black Chick revolution. We need your questions. Change is not going to occur if we aren’t being honest and asking questions that can start very important dialogue. What other chance will you have to ask a group of black women why calling our children monkeys is very offensive? Blackness is so much more than the few black women in your office or play group. You can ask about anything from motherhood to friendships. Ask anonymously below:

If you are a black woman of any walk of life, we need you in the answering community. We need your opinions and thoughts. Sign up here.

Read our first installment of Ask A Black Chick here.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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