Let’s Talk About It: Why Black on Black Crime is a Different Conversation

Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Jersey City–

These, and many other cities, are dense, bustling, urban areas where black on black crime runs rampant. It is a problem. I am not discrediting or excusing the fact that it is happening and it is happening often.

But, here is my issue with how the media, #Alllivesmatter, what about black on black crime, black people are so violent crowd is handling the issue:

How we talk about it

Black on black crime is not just a slogan to toss into a conversation about police brutality and racial injustices. It is a real tangible issue that needs attention so if you aren’t going to do that, don’t talk about it. Black on black crime claims the lives of hundreds of black people every single year. It is not your defense against why we should stop caring about police brutality. There is a much larger conversation to be had. If that is not your motive, don’t talk about it.

What we don’t talk about with black on black crime

I have had my fair share of conversations about black on black crime. I have also been on many different ends of the problem. I’ve lived in crime infested areas and in areas where crime is the last thing you have to worry about; both of which were populated by black folk.

When we have these conversations about black on black crime, it is imperative that we not exclude the area that this happens in, what type of opportunities are available, and what many of these young people are inundated with at a young age.


If you are raised in an environment where the only opportunities you have are going to a shitty grade school and all you have to look forward to is a life of violence, poverty, and being destitute , what exactly do you have to lose? If the people you look up to as successful are drug dealers flossing and your mama working 3 jobs to only be able to afford to live in the projects and be on government assistance, then what option are you going to choose?

You can not have a conversation about black on black crime and leave out critical factors like socioeconomic status, educational opportunities, the dissolution of the black family, and the mentality that you are not going to live past 25.

The fact is, many people bring up black on black crime when it is convenient (i.e. when a cop shoots an unarmed black person) for them. Police brutality and black on black crime are 2 totally different conversations. If you don’t see that, you my not friend, are a part of the very large problem.

Side note: It is statistically proven that people that commit crime do so to those that look like themselves. Ahem.. white on white, Asian on Asian, Latino on Latino, etc. 


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