How To Retain Your Creativity When You Work 9-5 Because Rent

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During the weekdays, from 9-5:30, I am chained to a desk. Not a desk of my choosing to do work that makes me feel alive. I am chained to a desk doing very repetitive work that, as you can imagine, lacks in creativity. Working in an office, there is a severe lack of creativity. The void is tangible.

I have rent, electricity, hot water, student loans, a small child, and Starbucks to pay for though.

But, at the same time, I am a creative and a writer. Being a writer is a part of who I am. Making things that come from my heart and soul is a huge part of my identity.

Creativity is like a muscle. If you don’t exercise it, it becomes useless and weak. So, how do you exercise your creativity when you have to spend the better part of your day in an insane asylum– I mean office job?

Make your creativity visible

Print out quotes, hang up pictures, post up silly drawings. I have a toy fireman, (yes, it belongs to my 3 year old) with a cut out of a word bubble that says meow tapped to his mouth. Why? Because it is fun and silly and not a canned product of my surroundings.

During down time, doddle

I am a big believer in doodling. I am not the best artist when it comes to drawing but I will doodle the hell out of some sticky notes. You can even buy one of those funky adult coloring books and get your pre-schooler on between meetings.

Write your ideas down

Sometimes, I am just sitting at my desk, thinking about Chipotle when an idea just comes to me. Maybe for a post or for a bigger project and before it runs through me like bad chili fries, I jot it down so that I can act on it later.

Make time for your creativity during the work week

A lot of times, us creatives tend to wait until the weekend to paint, draw, craft, write, photograph, etc. During the week, we ignore all of our creative desires because we have to work. Stop that now! Do 1 hour of something you love to do every single day. Just one hour. Instead of zoning out to the infinite scroll that is social media, watching television, or other useless activities, indulge in your creativity. You can do it!

We all have bills, responsibilities, and crap to pay for that requires us to have a consistent pay check that sometimes comes from a extremely boring place. That does not mean our creativity has to suffer.

1 thought on “How To Retain Your Creativity When You Work 9-5 Because Rent

  1. I love this! Very similar to my post today! Your post gave me some life! 😊 right on time


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