You Are A Woman, Not A Mouse: Why you need to speak up & stop f*cking apologizing for it


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It seems like no matter where I am or what I am doing, there is a woman apologizing for speaking, existing; or goodness forbid, voicing her opinion. It is both irritating as well as saddening that we are taught to shut up, sit down, be seen and not heard, and to wait for a man of authority to let us know it is time to speak.

Apologizing for using your voice as a woman is like saying “Please don’t take anything I am saying seriously. I’m not even sure what I am saying”. Sentences don’t need to begin and end with sorry.

Sorry but…

I know this is probably stupid, sorry…

You are shooting yourself in the foot before you even take a step. Imagine your sentences without sorry.

Instead of “Sorry, but can I suggest a solution” try “I have a solution that work well for this issue”. Stop asking permission when men take it upon themselves to piss their thoughts all over the place like a feral cat in heat.

At work, in business, with my writing, I am unapologetic. I stand on the two feet I was given and speak clear, loud, and bold. I am a woman but here is what I am not:

Sorry for speaking, stupid, uncertain, confused, or waiting for you to guide me.

Use your voice. If you have an idea, express it. If you want to contribute, do so. If you don’t like something, say it. Having an opinion is not a privilege given to men and neither is speaking on it. Stop waiting for someone to allow you to be. Just do it! You can change the world one day if you could simply allow yourself to have a voice first.


1 thought on “You Are A Woman, Not A Mouse: Why you need to speak up & stop f*cking apologizing for it

  1. yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss to this entire post..gurl you keep writing these amazing posts, and imma be sharing your stuff all up and thru chile..its like you talk just like me…i love it 🙂


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