21 Things Black People Are Not Allowed to Do

From buying expensive jewelry to just minding your business, if you are black, you are likely doing something wrong. I know, I know, you don’t understand why you are not permitted the same luxuries in life like being able to stand outside on the corner of a neighborhood street or going to a party you were invited to. That doesn’t matter. But I am here to help you, and frankly myself, out with everything black folk are not allowed to do:

  1. Go to a pool party you and your pals were invited to.
  2. Purchase an expensive watch.
  3. Purchase an expensive purse.
  4. Purchase an expensive belt.
  5. Claim that you own your BMW.
  6. Drive across the country for a job interview.
  7. Question a school officer.
  8. Walk around your neighborhood with a hoodie on.
  9. Play with a toy gun outside.
  10. Have anything of our own.
  11. Kid around too much on a wine trail.
  12. Protect yourself in your own home.
  13. Knock on someone’s door for help after being in a disorienting accident.
  14. Be a black person in Ferguson, MO.
  15. Sit down and cooperate with the police.
  16. Whistle at a white woman.
  17. Have unique names.
  18. Kiss your white spouse in public.
  19. Go to church.
  20. Walk across the street.
  21. Go to college and be treated with respect.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list. Please, comment below with anything that I am missing.

6 thoughts on “21 Things Black People Are Not Allowed to Do

  1. At this point, we can’t just simply be, without the fear or being too much for society.


    1. Absolutely. I raised my voice 1 octave when have a disagreement with my boss at work and she said I was getting “aggressive”.

      Oh, ok. Add it to the list.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg don’t get me started about being labeled aggressive…!!!!


  2. we can’t wear our hair the way we want either… remember the advice the black anchor gave a mixed-race intern about “distracting hair”?


    1. I definitely do remember that! Terrible advice to continue the cycle.


  3. you hit the nail on the head with this one…love it


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