Why You Should Love Your Curls & How DOVE Hair is Helping


Dove Love Your Curls Emojis

I’ve said it here about a million times that, before going natural, the last thing I felt for my kinky coily hair was love. It was thick, difficult, and in my opinion ugly.

What is insane, though, is women with naturally curly hair of all types, textures and races go through the same thing. Little girls spend their youth trying to figure out ways to make their hair beautiful and straight, terms that are synonymous to them.

But, here’s the thing. Are you ready?

Your naturally curly, kinky, coily hair is perfect. There. I said it. People pay money to have hair that looks as effortlessly gorgeous as yours. The moment I decided to accept my curls, my entire relationship with my hair and the way others viewed it changed. Here is how you love your curls:

  1. Repeat after me: My curls are gorgeous, and so am I. Go ahead. I’ll wait
  2. Stop trying to style against your curls. It will only make them rebel.
  3. Use products that are made specifically for your hair type. Companies like Dove Hair have formulated curly hair products specifically for enhancing your fab. Use them!
  4. Invest in a good quality conditioner. That will make styling, detangling, and generally everything better.
  5. Wear your curls everyday like you are in a shampoo commercial. Let them blow in the wind, play in them, smile, rock them like there is no tomorrow.
  6. Download the Dove Love Your CurlsĀ Emojis from the App Store or Goggle Play store for FREE right now so you can represent yourself to the full effect in your texts, IG posts, and across social media.

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