Made w. Love Launch Week: Everything You Need to Know BEFORE Making Hair Products

I am so excited that my ebook Made with Love: Guide to Making Natural Hair Products is finally out and ready for your personal consumption! It is literally everything I know, for the most part, about making natural hair products. I even included a mini ecourse at the end to help you develop your own creations!

To celebrate, I am going to spend this week giving away free recipes, tips on my social media networks (@youngfabnatural) , and a couple copies of the ebook (details to come). If you missed Monday’s Sweet Scalp Scrub, check it out here! Next up, everything you need to know before you make your natural hair products. Enjoy:

Before You Get Started

Some important things to keep in mind before you begin making your hair products is sterilization and storage. Bacteria can be evil and can ruin a perfectly good jar of whipped shea butter. It is very important that your work station, utensils, and hands are clean and sterilized.

To prepare your utensils & tools:

  • Bring a pot of water to a boil
  • Using tongs, immerse your jars and lids and any other tool that is heat safe into the water making sure they do not hit the bottom if they are glass as they can crack.
  • Let the jars and lids air dry before using them as excess water can harbor bacteria.
  • Make sure that you have separate measuring cups/spoons, pots, and utensils that you only use for product making.
  • Approach product making with the same level of cleanliness as you would cooking; clean hands, clean utensils, avoid cross contamination.

Storage and Expiration

When it comes to storing home made hair products, you want to pay attention to the life span of the ingredients, the types of preservatives included in the recipe, and if any of the ingredients usually need to be refrigerated or stored in a dark and cool place. For the purposes of this book, most of the recipes will be fine stored in your medicine cabinet, otherwise the fridge will work. Also, these recipes are for personal use and intended to be made in small batches so that they will not spoil and you don’t have to scour the web to purchase preservatives. The natural preservatives in this book are enough to protect your products from spoiling or being ravaged by bacteria. To keep track of when you made your product, write on a sticker or sticky note the date and the expiration date.


You will need various different tools to create your recipes. I suggest having a pot or pan designated for product making. You may need:


Containers for storage (glass is suggested to prevent leeching but BPA free plastic can work too)

Utensils (spoons, spatula)

Blender (immersion blender or counter top)

Strainer (clean, unused panty hose works great)

Applicator bottle

Measuring cups

You may find that this list will be ever growing as you create your own recipes but this is a good start.

Allergy Testing

While these ingredients are natural and organic if you choose, your skin and scalp may still have an adverse reaction to some of the ingredients. I strongly suggest you do an allergy test before using any ingredient listed in the recipes. You would do that by applying a small amount of each ingredient on a small patch of skin to see if there is a reaction. If a reaction does occur, make sure you jot it down.

Consulting a doctor or professional

When you are experiencing hair and scalp issues that are concerning, it is imperative that you do not use these recipes as cures. Consult a doctor or medical professional when experiencing hair issues such as, but not limited to, hair loss, scalp issues, fungal issues, and the like. These recipes are not intended to replace professionals.

When you’re making these recipes…

The ingredients I used in the recipes in the book Made with Love are to make products that are suited for my hair and general hair issues like dryness, breakage, and horribly annoying things like that. However, few of the ingredients, if any, are written in stone. So, if a recipe calls for olive oil but you really like how avocado oil feels on your hair, then swap it out. Think of these recipes as guides or fill in the blanks. If you are totally new at making hair products, I would follow the recipe as written and as you learn more, you can change it up to suit your hair. If you are more experienced, swap out the oils or butters that your hair likes more. For my hair, coconut oil is not the heaven sent grease that everyone claims it to be. So recipes that include coconut oil get swapped for my favorite oil which is olive. Loosen up, have fun, and enjoy!

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