Made w. Love Launch Week: Sweet Scalp Scrub

I am so excited that my ebook Made with Love: Guide to Making Natural Hair Products is finally out and ready for your personal consumption! It is literally everything I know, for the most part, about making natural hair products. I even included a mini ecourse at the end to help you develop your own creations!

To celebrate, I am going to spend this week giving away free recipes, tips on my social media networks (@youngfabnatural) , and a couple copies of the ebook (details to come). First up, the Sweet Scalp Scrub! Enjoy:

Sweet Scalp Scrub

Sweet Scalp Scrub

When my hair is short, it seemingly becomes a magnet for dirt, buildup, and everything under the sun that can make my scalp itchy. Rinses helped with my scalp issues but I needed something a bit stronger to help loosen the dirt and give my rinses a boost. Enter this sweet sugar scalp scrub. It helps loosen the dirt and build up from the scalp and hairline gently. A word of caution before you dive in: don’t scrub your scalp like you are trying to scrub gum off of your pants. Make sure you are gentle around your hairline since those hairs are more fragile.

When & how to use

This scrub is perfect for a prewash when your scalp is feeling extra grimy. It should definitely be used sparingly so that you don’t make your scalp too tender. Again, be gentle! You want to avoid ripping your hair out. There are 2 ways to use this scrub:

 Method A.

Massage the scrub through your scalp and hairline while it is dry before you hop in the shower. Once you are in, wet your hair and shampoo as you normally would but really focusing on gently massaging the scrub over the scalp. This process is a bit more involved because the hair and scalp are dry. But, once you are in the shower and add the shampoo, it is easy as can be. Trust me; I don’t do difficult when it comes to my hair.

Method B.

Once you are in the shower and your hair is wet; not shampooed, squeeze out some shampoo and add the scrub to it. From there, target the scalp and gently massage.

What you will need:

1/4 Cup of white granulated sugar (brown sugar can work well too)

1 tablespoon of your favorite oil (I like olive oil but coconut or jojoba would be great as well)

1/2 teaspoon of honey (You can substitute with vegetable glycerin or other humectants)

10 drops of your favorite essential oil (ginger, peppermint, or a mix are good options)

In a bowl, combine sugar, honey, oil, and essential oils. This mixture should be clumpy and the oil should not dissolve the sugar. This recipe is for a small batch that is enough for a 1 time use to prevent the scrub from spoiling.


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