What if Tess Holliday Was Black?


You can not go on a single beauty website or look at any pictures hastaged #bodypositive without seeing the size 24 model Tess Holliday. Sure, she is bodaciously beautiful and is crushing beauty standards while making plus size an acceptable concept when it comes to what we consider beautiful. I mean, she is seemingly single-handedly the representative for all things plus size and mainstream as she is the first model of her size to have a professional modeling contract.

But, what about the countless plus size black bloggers, fashion icons, and actresses that have been rattling beauty standards since the dawn of time? Or at least since the dawn of the internet. Actresses like Gabby Sidibe have never been on the cover of Seventeen Magazine yet she is a role model for thousands of young, plus size black girls that want to act. Or what about the countless plus size bloggers out there that don’t receive a quarter of the recognition as their white counterparts.

Here’s the thing, Tess Holliday is a beautiful woman and, even if you don’t agree with the potential health risks of her size, she is still a role model for thousands. But, she is not in the body positive fight alone and black bloggers like Gabi Fresh and Kristine of Trendy Curvy are inspiring ladies everyday.

I support body pos, feminist, pro women movements that actively include black women in the conversation. We are criticized for everything from our skin color and body types (unless a non-black woman remixes it) to our nappy ass hair and wide noses (all of which I absolutely adore). Body positivity and the fight against conventional beauty standards is far beyond weight.

P.S. The answer to that question, what if Tess was black, is that she would be a ghost in white media and considered a lazy, chicken eating, grease guzzling, hog by the masses but a black girl magic queen to us.

1 thought on “What if Tess Holliday Was Black?

  1. UrbanPrestigeStore April 26, 2016 — 8:41 am

    That’s such an interesting question and point of view, especially since I know plenty black beauty bloggers that are plus sized but never get the amount of love that Tess does. Is it connections?? or is it truly skin tone that can encourage whether you get recognized??


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