Do Not Talk to Me About Sandra Bland, the Confederate Flag, or the Consistent Assassination of Blacks in America

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Every single time, that a new episode of the Black American Struggle comes about, without fail, it seems like people come out of the woodwork with their 2 cents. Listen, I think cases like Sandra Bland should be talked about as well as cases like hers. But, do not ever come to me shouting your outrage about what’s going on if the following apply to you:

(warning: this may hurt your feelings but I need to be clear because I can’t even)

1. You are not adding to our black community

One day, I was talking to my dad about what was going on and he said something that really changed the way I viewed myself and others in the black community and their contributions. He said “By raising your child to be an active member in society, you are adding a wealth to the black community”. If you are a parent and you are not actively raising your child to be educated, motivated, and a functioning member of our society instead of a damn nuisance sucking up my damn tax dollars in prison because they are acting off of the skill sets you have provided them with, then do not talk to me about Sandra Bland, Trayvon, Eric, or anyone else for that matter. You aren’t doing your damn part so keep your outrage to yourself.

2. You didn’t think twice about the Confederate Flag prior to 2015

If you don’t know the origin of the Confederate Flag (it’s basic damn history ya’ll), what it stands for, and you haven’t had an open conversation or a single thought about it before this year, then get away from me. Don’t go posting picture’s of your neighbors Confederate Flag that has been swinging it’s racists ass in the wind for 10 years now. You are a fraud.

3. You just want to use a bunch of black power jargon

I can not stand when I am trying to talk to have a constructive conversation with substance about what is going on in our community and the only contribution the other person has is “My Black brothers and sisters need to stick together to create a change” or some bullshit like that. Uh duh! Obviously!

4. You are a white parent making zero effort with your kids

Listen clearly, racism and racial insensitivity is a learned behavior. If you aren’t teaching your kids about other cultures and have no plans to have honest conversations about this country’s checkered history, then leave me alone! Let’s talk about yogurt or planting tomatoes but do not come to me with your limp sympathy about what is happening.

5. You are color blind

For some reason, people think that saying that they are color blind or that everyone is the same in their eyes is a positive thing. I don’t have such a luxury of being color blind. I am reminded of my color every single damn day. My character has been shitted on before I even walk into a room. So take your ass to an eye doctor and get that color blind issue fixed because if the only way that you can ease your discomfort of differences is to pretend that they don’t exist, then you are the problem.

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