Here’s Why I Am Going to be a Lonely Old Cat Woman

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Let me begin by saying, I really love cats so even if I’m not lonely, I really want to have like 2 cats.

Since I have become single, it has become more and more apparent that my future is going to be filled with lots of Purina, little toy mice, and learning how to communicate in meows. I am not just being dramatic, really. And maybe this is a phase that women in their 20’s deal with and maybe by my thirties I will look back at this time and think that I was so dramatic. Here are my issues:

1. Mama’s boy syndrome- Men in my age group, 23-29, want to either live with their mamas until marriage or have their mother’s come wipe their asses for them at their new place. Love your mom, yes. But grow a pair and act like an independent man.

2. What is chivalry- Don’t want to open the door for me, pay for the bill at dinner, text me, ask me out, or make the first move at all and instead you want me to chase you, go dutch on the bill, and open my own damn door? Then you don’t want me, huh?

3. Want me to be your every fantasy- Young men that watch a wealth of porn with little to no real life, uhm experience, start to believe that actual sex will be just like that and that women are actually dirty little sluts that need to be taught a lesson. It seems like that same phenomenon is occuring with social media. Waist trainers, bundles, contouring, booty lifters; men are out here being bamboozled and really want you to be all of that shit too in REAL LIFE! But you have the nerve to look however you want. Nah.

4. The classics- Then there is the usual bullshit. The lying, the cheating, the insecurities. While these aren’t ones that I have dealt with in my recent dating life, I feel like they are always lurking.

5. Daddy issues- And they say women have daddy issues. Men that grow up without their father or a consistent male figure in their life, like a grandpa, step dad, male family friend, etc, have some of the worst cases of daddy issues. This isn’t always the case but I have found it to happen very, very often. They lack an understanding of how to treat a woman and how to be a loving, emotionally available man in a relationship instead of a child looking for their mama to guide them. Girl, bye.

Listen, I have zero ability to play games. I am an awful liar and my guilty conscience beats me up if I even try. Men in their 20’s need women to be there to boost their ego and remind them that they are desirable. I am not here for it.

“Latifah?”, Nope she’s absent. 


2 thoughts on “Here’s Why I Am Going to be a Lonely Old Cat Woman

  1. that pic is adorable.. and older men don’t necessarily have it together either


  2. Isn’t it! I seriously do love cats. And this is why my future home will look like I am hosting auditions for a Purina commercial.


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