Just In: Vogue Says Little North is Inspiring Natural Haired Girls Everywhere

Photo Credit: Okmagazine.com

Sigh, Vogue has done it again. Now, North’s curls are super cute and her little hairstyles are also super cute. But what they aren’t is an inspiration for natural haired little black girls that are teased to the point of perms because their hair is nappy, coarse, and their parent’s find it too hard to work with. 

As ya’ll know, I don’t have a daughter. But if I were blessed with one, I would find Blue Ivy’s hair, you know the hair that everyone makes fun of because the baby hairs and the slickness is lacking, to be very inspiring. I love that they let her know her hair and wear it out. That is the image I would show to my little brown baby girl.

Whoever is writing these ridiculous articles of black culture appropriation for Vogue needs to get a damn grip. North may be inspiring white mother’s with curly haired biracial children. Sure, I can subscribe to that. But she is NOT inspiring the group of brown, kinky haired girls that I once was.

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