Why I Make (Almost) All of My Hair Products

Let's Make Hair Products With Our Beauty


For as long as I can remember, taking care of my hair has been a mystery. It was like just throwing a bunch of overpriced crap at a wall to see what would stick. Spoiler alert; none of it stuck.

When I was a youngin in the 90’s, my mom took care of my hair like a pro but passed on before she passed down the do’s and absolutely do not’s of black hair care. Well, that is not totally true. I did learn to:

Always wear a head scarf at night.

Pink Lotion broke off my edges.

Ampro Gel was the business.

Grease my scalp.

And gently brush.

Many, minus Ampro, of those rules I still use today or some adapted form of them. But what about the in between stuff like conditioner, shampoo, styling, moisturizing, developing personal style?

I was totally lost even past the point of going natural, I mean way past. One of my natural pals schooled me on making hair products and mixing oils and all of that jazz and she sparked something in me. Suddenly, I was able to craft the type of products to create the type of style that was perfect for me. Instead of creating a style suited for the products I was buying, I was making products suited for the type of style I wanted. It has been amazing to say the least.

I am able to determine why my hair looks like shit and fix it with a lot less wasted time and money and a crap ton less disappointment.

I want you to find that same freedom in my new book of recipes, Made w. Love. Some of my favorite recipes for are included as well as a where to buy guide, lazy DIYs, oil butter herb guide, and everything you need to get started. It doesn’t stop there though. I want you to know how to create your own recipes based on what your hair wants and the style you have dreamed of. So, this new book also comes with a free e-course to learn that will teach you everything you need to know to write out your own original recipes. All of this will be coming your way on June 23rd!

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