Here’s Why Your Natural Hair Looks Like Sh*t


I was considering a few different ways to put this, but I decided to just be real with you ladies since we are good pals. I can’t tell you how many women have asked me how to get their hair to look like (fill in blank). Throughout my natural hair journey, I have made a wealth of mistakes and could not figure why my hair looked like shit. Well, I figured it out, and I hope this will help you help yourself.

1. You don’t know your hair- Porosity. Protein. Moisture balance. All of that stuff is not just mumbo jumbo. It will make all of the difference when it comes to how you take care of your hair and what you use to do so. Get on The Google and figure it out because it will help you out.

2. You are using the wrong products- I made this mistake so many times it is honestly sad. If you haven’t figured out number 1, you will continuously use the wrong stuff on your hair and it will never produce the results you want.

3. You are trying to make your hair do something it can’t- Yet another mistake I have made so many times. When I first cut my hair after a 4 month transition, I wanted my hair to be 10 inches longer and 10 times looser. So, I treated it like that was the case and I continued to do that until I figured out how to work with my hair instead of against it.

4. You are using too many products & making it too complex- Keep it simple and your hair will flourish. You don’t need a 25 product deep arsenal and a 3 hour long hair routine. When I see women say that wash day is an all day event, I seriously wonder what in the hell they are doing for an entire day.

5. Get off YouTube- First of all, I love YouTube. It is literally my favorite. However, when I was just starting out going natural and didn’t know anything, I took everything YouTube natural gurus told me to be the gospel. If they said to deep condition my hair with owl poop, I would head out to the local woods to find the most premium owl poop. Go with your instincts, know your hair, and take everything your beauty guru says with a grain of salt.

6. You lack style & confidence- The number 1 reason why your natural hair looks like shit is because you think it does. I have said this before, when you think your hair is the shit, everyone around you will sense it. When you develop your own style that is yours regardless of outside influences, folks will respect that and the way you look at your natural hair will transform. Trust me, it has happened to me.


1 thought on “Here’s Why Your Natural Hair Looks Like Sh*t

  1. lifeofthecollegegraduate June 7, 2015 — 7:35 pm

    Great post!


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