For Those Yapping About #AllLivesMatter



Listen, well, read this clearly. It is completely unnecessary and fairly insulting that the most valuable discourse you have to add to the Black Lives Matter movement is that all lives matter. Well duh! Yes, all lives matter. All lives have mattered. And all lives will always matter. There. Are we done?

The reason why we are talking about the value of Black lives is because Black people are dying at the hands of officers that are there to protect and serve in record numbers. Black lives, in American history, have not been quite valuable in this country. They certainly haven’t mattered as much as say, White lives. Remember when Blacks were 3/4 of their slave owners? Or when we were lynched for whistling at a white woman? Or when the Jim Crow laws kept us in the back of the bus? Or when 12 year olds were shot dead in the park for having a toy gun? If you just look at the bare evidence, it starts to become clear that Black lives haven’t really seemed that valuable or like they matter. But, much like the Civil Rights Movement, we are banding together to show you how much Black lives really matter. Some are taking the MLK approach while some are taking a more Black Panthers approach; neither of which I will weigh in on.

Yes, all lives matter. But please, I beg you, stop belittling what is going on in this country with race and class. Until the day comes that I don’t have to prep my son for being a Black man in a country that already has criminalized him, I will continue to promote Black Lives Matter.


1 thought on “For Those Yapping About #AllLivesMatter

  1. Amen to this post. Nothing but the whole truth.


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