How to Define Your Beauty When Everyone Else is on Fleek


It is clear that we live in a social media drenched, overly saturated, clones chasing clones world. Every popular Instagram account dons a cinched waist, plump bum, crack length extensions woman with the hashtags #whatwaist #paperchaser or whatever they come up with. And, you know, there is nothing wrong with that. They can be on fleek. But how do you, how do I, keep my head above the waves of frosted pink lipstick and lace fronts and emerge with my own idea of beauty tailored just for me?

Well, simply put, I just do. It has taken years of trying to be something that I will never be, and a few extra pounds, to realize that I have to love my beauty and appreciate it now.

Not when I lose 10 pounds.

Not when my hair grows out a little.

Not when I can afford an Instagram boutique 2 piece outfit.

NO. I have to appreciate my beauty right now.

I often times get questions about my hair, or people say that I strut around like I am the creme de la creme of the office (looking at you), and you know what? It isn’t because I am the thinnest, prettiest, most fleekety fleek chick around. Nope. But my confidence in what I have and my love for Latifah is palatable. I haven’t figured out this self love thing completely. Trust me when I tell you it is a work in progress but after I had my son 2 1/2 years ago, I gained a bunch of weight that was as stubborn as can be. I also gained an affinity for donuts, so you know. I kept telling myself, I will dress nicer when I lose weight. I will feel good about myself when I am down 10lbs. I will love myself later. This past year, I have really figured out that you have to love yourself TODAY! You are on fleek today. You are worth it today. Those IG and Twitter models with 1 million followers are gorgeous and apparently have no waist. You are gorgeous and have a waist. I mean, I count that as lucky.

I challenge anyone reading this right now to love yourself starting right now. Not when you slim down or when you find a man or a better job or move to your dream home. No, I challenge you to love and appreciate your beauty right the hell now! Do you accept?

5 thoughts on “How to Define Your Beauty When Everyone Else is on Fleek

  1. Yes I absolutely wanna check out today”s post on my blog


  2. I definitely accept! Love this post!


  3. You don’t even know how much I needed to read this! I loved your article.


    1. I am so glad you were able to find meaning in it!


  4. Great post 👏 👏 👏 👏


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