7 Ways You Can Celebrate Black Heritage Month

Photo Credit: oldschool1057.com


Black Heritage Month is time for Black Americans to celebrate our heritage, our traditions, our trials, and our tribulations. The amazing thing about being a Black American is that our story didn’t start in this country. Our history did not begin with slavery. So, come on, let’s celebrate!

Check out a black history museum 

There are amazing museums all over the country that are dedicated to displaying our achievements, successes, and history. Here is a list for you to find one in your part of the US.

Trace back your heritage 

While we are all a part of the whole Black community, when we were brought to this country, we were stripped of our original languages, cultures and identities. But there is a DNA test that can track back your lineage and pinpoint where your pre-slavery ancestors come from. If that is out of your price range, you can use budget friendly sites like Ancestry.com.

Support the Black arts

One thing I love about being black is our creativity. We are amazing artists, muscians, and creators. So, get lost in an art gallery that supports black painters, go to a jazz concert, or enjoy a book of black literature. 

Go Watch Selma

Because it’s our history so you should.

Speaking of Selma…

Throw a movie night of historic black films that you & your pals love. For me, that would definitely include The Wiz.

Throw a costume party 

Yes, you read that right! If you have the time, why not throw a Black Heritage Month costume party. Come as your favorite Black history person (please, oh please, no black face) and be prepared to be in total character. Personally, I would go as Diana Ross.

For the readers

Gather a few of your book lover friends and plan a Black author book club. You can read books written by Black Americans, African Americans, Islanders, and so on. I would have Half of a Yellow Sun, Twelve Tribes of Hattie, Americanah on my list.

What are you doing this month to celebrate your Black Heritage?

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