Why Viola, Lupita, & The OITNB Cast Owned The SAG Awards

By now, you have seen all of the pictures swirling around the interwebs of the celebs that walked the red carpet at the SAG awards. Well, none of them strutted and owned that red carpet like Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong’o, Uzo Abuda, Danielle Brooks, & Laverne Cox. I mean, their glow was truly radiant. Please, enjoy:

Lupita Nyong’o

I must know what this woman is using on her skin for it to be this gorgeous. Also, I am not usually one for braided up styles but it looked regal on her. Almost crown like. Hmm, fitting.

Viola Davis

That white dress, beautiful skin, and perfectly coiffed fro was a winning combination. Viola is like my friend/mentor in my head. She is beautiful with such an air of confidence and humility about her.

Uzo Abdua 

Ms. Abdua wore that yellow! She is such a beautiful soul and dynamic actress. Love her and OITNB.

Danielle Brooks

Where is her fan guy? Or is that just her grace and elegance blowing that dress perfectly in the wind? We may never know but she looked amazing.

Laverne Cox

I love her story on OITNB and love even more her fearlessness and that she is making history in a shallow and often times unforgiving industry. You go on now Ms. Cox.

What was your favorite look at the #SAGAwards?

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