How to be Natural

Being natural is a buzz word in the hair community. We define it as being without any chemical alterations. Right? Sure.

Well, being natural, in this sense is far more important than that. Being natural is about being completely true to yourself. Being who you are without alterations at all times. 

How to be natural:

-Never compromise yourself or identity for anyone

– Know your self worth and make sure everyone you run into knows that you know it.

– Make your decisions and moves in life based on your desires and the stamp you want to leave on the world.

Being natural from the inside out is about being who you are without compromise.

2 thoughts on “How to be Natural

  1. Love it and well said 😀


  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Amen! I’m black and I’m proud! I’m perfectly imperfect! I love the woman I am! I love my journey, bad mistakes and all!


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