When Jealousy & Comparing Creeps Up On You

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Jealousy is a natural part of being human. I’m sure during cave man times, jealousy was a good survival emotion. Maybe a marker for what you should be doing or where you should be. Now, in the techy cave man times, jealousy is just a complete downer and usually goes hand and evil hand with comparison.

So, you are scrolling through your IG timeline and it is gleaming with smiles, newlyweds kissing, babies being born, parties, friends sharing an amazing meal, someone’s career seemingly shooting to the stars. And then you stop, look at your life and everything is dull, harsh, and you start to second guess if you will ever have anything worth slapping a filter on.

Then, maybe you hone in on a specific person that has everything (not everything but a lot of things) you want. A hot mate, hot body, beautiful home, amazing career, I mean their life doesn’t need a filter. So now your jealousy is seeping through. Suffocating and blinding you from being able to see all the great things in your life.

So, what do you do? First, let me say that I suffer from this A L O T

I have to put myself in check often. To battle with comparing my life with others, I take a social media break. No IG, no Facebook, no Pinterest. A social media vacation. Then, I think about what I am currently working on for me and my family’s betterment. I am not just sitting around in a, excuse my French, shit storm. I am working, hustling, moving.

And as far as the jealousy…

I heard great advice from Alison Faulkner for the Youtube channel The Alison Show. She said that when she is jealous of someone, she stops and asks herself, does the person she is jealous of deserve what they have. Typically, my answer is yes. Secondly, do I even want what they have really? The answer is usually, no. Then what do I have to be jealous of? The answer is likely to be nothing.


Pull yourself away from the overwhelming stimulus of social media, reevaluate your life, and be happy.

Write down what makes you happy. Write down what is good in your life. Write them on little pieces of paper and put those papers in a jar. On the days that you are feeling a jealousy comparison attack coming on, look at those slips to remind yourself why you are so DAMN AWESOME!

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