How to be Fabulous in 2015

This year, we are committing to being Young, Fabulous, & Natural and in this 3 part series, I am telling you what that means exactly. If you missed part 1, How to be Young, take a look.

Photo Credit: Keep Calm-O-Matic

How to be Fabulous

Being fabulous goes far beyond a beat face and stiletto nails. While those things are certainly fab, being seriously fabulous is really a state of mind. To be fabulous, you have to believe you are fab, exude fab, & live fab. 

3 Simple Ways to Glitter Bomb Yourself with Fabulousness Daily

Enter each and every day with confidence

Easier said than done sometimes, I know. On the days that you feel ugly, wretched, and like you are completely falling apart and aren’t worthy of a hot cup of coffee, stop. Your confidence, and thereby fabulousness, is in danger. Create a short, 1 to 3 sentence mantra for those days to repeat to yourself and get your confidence back to where it should be. Say it aloud, shout it, yell it until you believe it. Something like:

I am worthy. I am beautiful. My life is purposeful. (Those are things I need to remind myself of sometimes). 

Give, give, give

It may not seem like giving is the golden brick road that leads to fabulousness. But, being able to give selflessly from whatever you have, even when that is very little, is as fabulous as it gets. Giving cleanses the soul, brightens the heart, and gives you a fab glow. Giving does not have to be materialistic. Give your love, your time, energy, intentions, give when you are at the end of your rope and your rope extend beyond measure.


As social media and the way we receive information develops, our follow the crowd way of thinking is almost unavoidable. In a time when being an individual is condemned, it is hard to maintain. But, being able to choose the person you are going to be simply because you feel like it is fabulous. So, be that. Always.

What makes you fabulous?

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