How to be Young in 2015

It’s 2015, and it’s time for you to be Young,Fabulous, & Natural

I know that New Year, New Me mantra is not only nauseating and eye roll worthy but it’s super annoying because by Jan 15th, it is a New Year, and even worse you!

So this year, let’s scrap that, be ourselves; the Young, Fabulous, & Natural version of course! So let’s kick off this series:

How to be Young

No matter what, don’t stop dreaming
Bills, responsibilities, families, and the general drudge of life and getting older has a way of making us feel guilty for dreaming. Dreaming is necessary. We need it like air and water to thrive. The cynicism of getting older can steal our dreams, don’t let it!

Stay curious
It is vital to never feel like we know it all. Like we have life all figured out. We must never rob ourselves of the curiosity of life

Indulge and be IndulgedĀ 
In our youth, we easily get swept up in the irresistible indulgences of life & it feels amazing. In 2015, make it a point to let go, and indulge.

Always, always, always stay hungry
Success is such a fulfilling experience. But, it is the insatiable hunger of life that gets us there. Don’t put a cap on the hunger that fuels our youth. Maintain it; feed it.

How do you stay young?

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