5 Natural Hairstyles That Need to Stay in 2014

2015 by Niki S Groove

Hello ladies.

We need to have a little chat.

It is 2015 and, frankly, there’s a few things I need to get off of my chest. 5 to be exact. I love trendy styles just as much as the next gal but there are 5 natural hair trends that cannot pass go into 2015. 

1. The fake locs- I understand the appeal. Really, I do. I mean, fake locs give you all of the glory with none of the hassle of re-twisting, maintaining, and commitment of actual locs. But, the thing is, more times than not the loc extensions look clunky, frizzy, and like a caricature of actual locs.

2. Crochet braids- Much like locs, I get the appeal. Seriously. But, the problem with crochet braids is that it ends up looking like entirely too much hair. I have seen crochet braid styles that look amazing and totally believable. The ladies that have those braids can take them right on into 2015. The rest, no.

3. “Protective” styles- Sigh. Protective styles can be anything from twists to braids to a sew in weave which in theory is not a problem. But, in 2015, let’s try to wear our own hair more and keep the protective styles to a minimum. I mean, what is the point of having amazing luscious kinks under a pound of Brazilian Body Wave?

4. Blow outs- I haven’t seen blow outs in a little while but figured I would put it on this list because I want it to stay that way. I never really understood blow outs. It always seemed like an in-between hairstyle. It’s not an afro but you haven’t gotten around to flat ironing it yet. It usually appears dry, overly frizzy (not in the cute fluffy way), and unappealing.

5. Baby hairs- Oh the baby hairs! Please, oh please, leave the brushed down, over exaggerated, gelled to your forehead baby hairs in 2014. They have no place in the new year!

What natural style are you completely over from 2014? 

6 thoughts on “5 Natural Hairstyles That Need to Stay in 2014

  1. I love the no. 3, I need to do that more often 😀


  2. Great post! I agree with you 100% especially baby hairs.


  3. Oh my God I found this article interesting… You are right about the faux locs.. lol


  4. I’m a big fan of the blowouts and baby hairs. Those usually catch my eyes 👀


    1. Sigh. Baby hair is tragic and has to stop. Gelled down edges leads to broken off edges and a scarce looking hairline. Not worth the baby hairs look. All of the strands on my head are adults. And blowouts look undone most of the time. To me, at least. But preference is preference.


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