Product Reviews You Should Never Trust

Product reviews can be great, really. They can help you figure out if something is worth buying or if it is a steamy pile of crap wrapped in cute packaging. That is why companies that believe in their products love them so much and love even more when bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers are willing to do them. But, the thing is, many product reviews are actually just commercials or ads for these companies. Your trusted blogger might not even really consider the product good enough to repurchase, a tid bit you would not be privy to. Next thing you know, you have 12 bottles of this shampoo your favorite vlogger swore by that is everything you don’t want.

3 of the most untrustworthy product reviews 

The constant product reviewer: The fact is, there are only but so many hair products a lady needs. If this person is doing reviews every week, and loves them all, AND would repurchase them all, that is not a trustworthy reviewer. There is no way in the entire world someone is head over heels about that many products!

Reviewers without your hair type: My hair type is far from my friend-in-my-head Miss Ross (TMurda if you’re nasty) which is fine for me. But, I cannot use what she is using because our hair is completely different. That is a recipe for disappointment.

Overly obviously sponsored reviews: Blogging is a business for many people out there. With that comes requests for sponsored posts where companies will pay for bloggers and the like to review their products. If it seems like the blogger or vlogger you love is CONSTANTLY doing sponsored only reviews, that is a problem. Some sponsored posts are fine and hey, you may find something you love. But reviews on products they naturally love or products they naturally want to talk about is a lot more genuine and likely to be great.

Do you do product reviews?

PS. Product reviews on this site are on products I really do love and recommend. Some may be sponsored but I would never steer you in the wrong direction for moola! Scouts honor.

1 thought on “Product Reviews You Should Never Trust

  1. Hahaha, very interesting. I do product reviews after I have used them for about 6 months, that I know they actually work in the long term but sometimes I do find a diamond and post about it because it works beautifully. Always am truthful about my reviews, if it works, Yay, if it doesn’t, Nay. Would never dream about posting just to save face or lie about how a product works on my tresses, that would be so wrong!
    Honesty is the best policy so continue to be honest girls, thanks for the post dear 🙂


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