16 Reasons Why I Love Our BLACK MEN

Photo Cred: beautifulblackmen.tumblr.com

There are a gazillion reasons to love our black men, sons, uncles, brothers, and fathers. No, they aren’t predators, aggressors, and criminals because of their skin color. And they definitely don’t deserve to be gunned down and criminalized by the media. These are just 16 reasons why I love our black men:

  • Their strength Our men are strong beyond measure
  • Their creativity Music, art, dance, there is no limit to what our men can create
  • Their intelligence Black men are in the boardrooms, emergency rooms, and the Oval Office.
  • Their resilience Black men have fought through lynchings, risk their lives, have had their names squashed in society’s mud and still they rise.
  • Their beauty There is no denying, black men are beautiful (Hey, Idris!)
  • Their presence When a black man walks through a room, his confidence is blinding, his aura is intoxicating.
  • Their passion Black men incorporate passion in everything they do. Life, business, love, and family.
  • Their perseverance The black men in my life make me feel secure. They make me feel like there is always a way to persevere through it all.
  • Their talents Beyond creativity, black men are known to be talented at almost everything they do. Arts, sports, academics, there is no stopping them.
  • Their ability to breakthrough negative stereotypes Before a black man even opens his mouth to say “Hi, my name is”, he is judged by preconceived notions of who he may be. Our black men breakthrough that and leave others eating their words.
  • Their innovation Black men are creators, discovers, innovators, always setting the new standard.
  • Their leadership Black men are able to take the lead in most situations. They lead their households and work spaces while demanding respect and giving it as well.
  • They are so damn cool Black men (and woman) created cool. Cool is derived from what black men have decided it to be.
  • They are amazing fathers My father taught me well and my son’s father blows me away everyday with his love and caring for our little guy.
  • They are providers My father provided for us growing up without even breaking a sweat. Producing Christmases and holidays I didn’t even know were possible.
  • They are important¬†Our black men are valuable, necessary, needed, and a part of our society.

This is what real black men look like. This is the black man my son will grow up to be. I love our black men and just want to see them live.

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