#Shopblack Holiday Gift Guide

One of the only positive things to come of the latest tragedies in the black community is the amazing solidarity that has emerged. More black people, and others that are supporters in the fight, have made an effort to enact change. One of the most impactful ways to do so is with the power of our dollar. Spend your money meaningfully by shopping black and supporting black enterprise. Let me help you with this great #shopblack gift guide:

Hair accessories 

  1. PuffCuff Hair Clamp– Perfect for the perfect puff every time!
  2. Fanm Djanm– The most beautifully patterned head wraps that ever did hold natural hair.
  3. Doux Rags– These head wraps scream cool. I feel cool just by adding them to this list.


(Nothing like some beautiful, black inspired art as a gift to hang in your office or home. hint, hint)

Pardon My Fro  Pink Lo Mein  Niki S Groove  Ria   Beginning Kiss


1. Shea Moisture Kit– Have a natural friend that wants to sample some of the super popular Shea Moisture products without commitment? Try this kit. It is just enough for her to see if she loves it. (hint: she will)

2. Alikay Naturals Mini Kit– This is such a steal. It is perfect for the product junkie in your life. Tis’ the season to enable and indulge. The kit comes with 7 products in 8 oz.

Mini Naturals

1. Penny and the Magic Puffballs– There is magic in these afro puffs and Penny is inviting your mini to join her in her adventures to find it. 

2. Happy Hair– If your little is having trouble understanding the beauty of their kinks, give them a dose of happy hair and watch them glow with pride.

3. Soapbox Theory– I LOVE this line. It is a personal favorite especially the lunchboxes. The graphics are amazing and the variety is great.

What are you buying this holiday season? Link it below so I can borrow your ideas!

3 thoughts on “#Shopblack Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Love this post! The art pieces are gorgeous 😄


  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Great list of black owned business worth supporting!


  3. Lovely gift ideas, thank you for sharing! Going to check the artists out now. All but Pardon My Fro are new to me.A “Hey Emi”” book would also make a good gift! You can read more about it, and see Amazon links to buy, at heyemi.com 🙂


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