#RealGirlChats: Melissa Otoo

This month’s hairspiration spotlight comes from Melissa! Read about her journey and what makes her unique:

Melissa O

Q. What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you see a woman with a perm?

A. That her personal preference is a straight style.

Q. How have you changed since going natural?

A. It gave me a big confidence boost. I always wanted to be natural so once I decided to do my big chop, I felt more comfortable with myself. It also enhanced my spiritual journey.  I have been more conscious about what I put in or on my body. It stopped being about just my hair and more about my overall health.

Q. Thoughts on natural gangsters always trying to check other natural’s authenticity?

A. No matter what you do to your hair, everyone will have! Everyone has a different journey when it comes to their natural hair. Everyone’s reason for wearing their hair natural varies. As a professional stylist, you have to be able to understand that everyone’s goals for their hair is different. I just try to lead them to the healthiest option possible. I remain open-minded and don’t push my preferences on others.

Q. Name one thing our natural hair community needs right now.

A. That’s a difficult question!! The natural hair community has grown so much since I first went natural so everything going on now is definitely an improvement! There is so much more support and information that was not out there before.
Oh yeah, support small businesses! The natural hair community has a lot of entrepreneurs out there that could definitely use your support. Some of the best natural products I have used came from a small company.

Q. Who is your favorite natural hair YouTube guru and why?

A. I don’t have one! Is that bad?! I am my own favorite natural hair guru! I don’t really refer to YouTube for my natural hair info. I have always enjoyed conducting my own experiments and learning things for myself and I carried that into adulthood and into my profession.

Follow Melissa on Instagram & Twitter @aphropuphs. Visit her website thehairgarden.com & check out her channel on YT, The Hair Garden

1 thought on “#RealGirlChats: Melissa Otoo

  1. Beautiful girl, her hair is amazing!!!! Thanks for posting dear 😀


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